Extended Warranty Information

Please visit austinpowersports.com/warranty for all terms, conditions and exclusions concerning the limited Dealer’s Warranty that is included on every product sold.

All units come with 30 days of bumper-to-bumper warranty where we cover everything including labor less what is on our stated exclusions list:


The following wear-and-tear parts are not covered under the warranty: Pull start, tires, rims, body panels, fuses, forks, shocks, gaskets, light bulbs, seats, CV Boots, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, filters, clutch wear parts, cables, drive belt, chain, spark plug, brake linings and/or pads, batteries, sprockets, external springs, clips, nuts, bolts and fasteners, any part(s) made from rubber.

Purchasing an extended warranty will be supplemental to the included coverage. i.e., if you purchase a 6-month warranty you will have 7 months of bumper-to-bumper coverage beginning the date of your purchase.

Warranty Pricing Table
MSRP6  Mo.1 Year

The extended warranty has the same exclusions as the standard dealer warranty, the only thing that changes is the expiration date of the warranty from 30 days to 7 months or 1 year and 1 month depending on which warranty you purchase.

The warranty does not cover loss of time from your unit or towing/shipping charges and all repairs and services must be completed at this location. Warranty must be purchased within the first 14 days of purchase to be valid.

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